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Pocket Bible

  • 14th century; parchment; mm 230 × 140; ff. I + 407 + III’.
  • San Daniele del Friuli, Biblioteca Civica Guarneriana, 284.

A complete minute Bible (it is a typical livre de poche) that reflects a late materialization of the Biblia Parisiensis prototype.

Due to the gilded initials on a blue and carmine red-filleted, white dotted background this bible has its distinctive peculiarity, according to which it understandably used to be recognized as the «biblia deaurata», the first item of Guarnerio d’Artegna’s inventory in 1461, which is now more convincingly referred to the ‘Byzantine’ bible (see file VI.6). This complete minute Bible (a typical livre de poche) reflects a late materialization of the Biblia Parisiensis prototype. Whereas the decorative worth of this Bible, albeit hybrid and not impeccable, somehow makes up its identifying element, not of a lesser relief is the exasperated degree of graphical miniaturization that allowed the hazardous arrangement of the script in two columns, 57 lines each. Despite such a daring modulus reduction, the scribes, of a probably Italian area, do not show any letups in writing their littera textualis that, following its best manner, attains neutrality and indistinctness.

Country of locationItaly
LocationSan Daniele del Friuli
Library / CollectionBiblioteca Civica Guarneriana
Support materialParchment
Extentff. I + 407 + III’
Formatmm 230 × 140
Age14th century
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