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Marsilius of Inghen, Questiones super librum «De generatione et corruptione» secundum ultimam lecturam

  • Late 14th century; parchment; mm 290 × 210; ff. 53.
  • Udine, Archivio di Stato, fragment 232.

One of Marsilius of Inghen’s commentaries to Aristotle probably used by a Dominican student.

Marsilius of Inghen († 1396), professor in the Universities of Paris and Heidelberg, in this latter being the first rector, was the author of a number of treatises on logics, natural philosophy and theology; in this case the Questiones deal with Aristotle’s De generatione et corruptione. The codex, which is part of the Fund of the family Varmo nowadays kept at the State Archives of Udine, belonged to Tommaso Tommasini Paruta, as evidenced in the owner’s notice on the flyleaves (1442). The bishop Paruta, together with Ludovico Barbo, abbot of St. Justine, had been appointed by Eugene IV to pay a pastoral visit in the diocese of Aquileia in 1437, when he also had the occasion to meet Guarnerio d’Artegna.

Country of locationItaly
Library / CollectionArchivio di Stato
Shelfmarkframm. 232
AuthorMarsilius of Inghen
Support materialParchment
Extentff. 53
Formatmm 290 × 210
AgeLate 14th century
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