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Antonio Tebaldeo, Rhymes

  • Late 15th century; parchment; mm 245 × 165; 1 folium.
  • Udine, Archivio di Stato, fragment 72.

A great literary success and a voracious consumption was by the public rewarded to the rhymes contained in a fragment of the notary Nicolò di Giorgio di San Daniele del Friuli which is now kept in Udine.

The poet Antonio Tebaldeo from Ferrara (1463-1537), a fecund court poet and worshipper of Petrarchism, lived among Ferrara, Mantua and Rome, where he died. Since the appearance of the ‘editio princeps’ at Modena in 1498, dedicated to Isabella of Este and carried out, without the author’s knowledge, by his cousin Iacopo, quite a few printed issues followed one another. The large number of extant manuscripts and the printed books evidence a great literary success which was though to fade away in a few decades. Also the fragment kept at Udine apparently had a short life. It comes from the notary Nicolò di Giorgio of San Daniele del Friuli, who used the folium in 1506. On 10th September 1506 nine printed editions of Tebaldeo’s rhymes had already been published either in a collection called Opere or with the title Sonetti, capituli et egloge. A true best seller that made an old handwritten folium dated and less enjoyable to the eyes of a passionate reader.

Country of locationItaly
Library / CollectionArchivio di Stato
Shelfmarkframm. 72
AuthorAntonio Tebaldeo
Support materialParchment
Extent1 folium
Formatmm 245 × 165
AgeLate 15th century
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