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Antiphonal of St. Domenic’s church of Cividale

  • Early 14th century; parchment; mm 525 × 365; ff. I, 234, I’.
  • Cividale del Friuli, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Archivi e Biblioteca, codex XXXIII.

Written and miniated by a Venetian school master for a Preachers’ church, perhaps for St. Domenic’s of Cividale itself.

The provenance of the codex, and of the other volumes (XLIII, XXXI, XXXV, XXXVI) it forms a 5-volume series with, is from St. Domenic’s of Cividale; hence this series entered the fund of the Chapter, together with a two-volume gradual (mss. XLV and XLVI) after the Napoleonic suppressions of 1810. It contains the chants of the Proper of Easter time from the first Sunday after the Trinity’s feast (ff. 1v-127v), followed by parts of the Common of Saints (ff. 128v-136r) and the Proper of Saints from St. Peter martyr’s (April 29th) to St. Martha (July 29th) (ff. 136r-224v). The set of illuminations is the work of a master, maybe with a helper beside, that can be deemed of the early-fourteenth-century Venetian area. He alternates patterns that are still of a Greek manner and a spatial attention that is already proto-Giottesque, especially in the Pious Women at the Sepulchre. We find his hand also in the initial with St. Michael Archangel of the Gradual XXXV. Other brush-painted miniatures were apparently added, such as the one for the celebration on the occasion of the Transfer of Thomas of Aquino Body in the Antiphonal XXXVI. A characteristic feature common to all volumes is the presence of large-dimensioned filigree and inlay initials, outcome of the same workshop.

Country of locationItaly
LocationCividale del Friuli
Library / CollectionMuseo Archeologico Nazionale, Archivi e Biblioteca
Support materialParchment
Extentff. I, 234, I’
Formatmm 525 × 365
AgeEarly 14th century
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