Through the ROUTES it is possible to access some presentations of the main themes regarding the history of the Patriarchate of Aquileia and Friuli. Moreover, it is possible to consult the biographical profiles of the most important bishops and patriarchs of Aquileia, the lives of which are intertwined with the paths taken by the written culture of medieval Friuli traced by this site.

Bernhard Bischoff, philologist

He was born at Altendorf in 1906, and since 1953 he had the chair of Medieval Latin Philology at the University of Munich. The highest representative of Ludwig Traube’s and Paul Lehmann’s philological-palaeographical school, Bischoff studied the problems of early medieval Latin scripts and particularly the German scribal centres in the Carolingian Age (Die südostdeutschen Schreibschulen und Bibliotheken in der Karolingerzeit, I, 2a ed., 1960; Libri Sancti Kyliani. Die Würzburger Schreibschule …, 1952). His three volumes Mittelalterliche Studien (1961-81) are fundamental, since the best of his researches on Medieval culture are here collected. He also edited the third, and last, volume (1970) of the Carmina Burana critical edition. He died in Munich in 1991.

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