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Quintus Æmilianus Cimbriacus, Carmina

  • 1494-1497; parchment; mm 190 × 134; ff. 16.
  • New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Marston 161.

Dedicatory copy of Cimbriacus’ Carmina to the patriarch of Aquileia Nicolò Donà.

Anthology of Cimbriacus’ carmina dedicated to the patriarch of Aquileia Nicolò Donà, probably the dedicatory copy: as a matter of fact, on f. 1v, in the bottom edge that follows the libel dedication, inscribed in a garland with ribbons on the four edges there can be found the patriach of Aquileia Niccolò Donà’s coat of arms (escutcheon argent, barry of two gules with three roses at the chief, sealed up by a mitre with two lappets, surmounted by a cross patty or). Cimbriacus knew Nicolò Donà at Cividale, where he was schoolmaster and the new-elected patriarch of Aquileia had decided to reside. In the sixteenth century the manuscript belonged to a certain ‘Palladio’ (the owner’s notice on the parchment used as cover: «Domini Palladij»), probably the same owner of the Marston ms. 188; it was then part of the family Florio library in Udine, and indeed it is recognizable in the inventory thereof published by Mazzatinti; in 1958 L.C. Witten purchased it at Geneve by Nicolas Rauch and in that same year he sold it to Thomas E. Marston, whose collection was acquired by the Yale University Library in 1961.

Country of locationUnited States
LocationNew Haven
Library / CollectionYale University, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
ShelfmarkMarston 161
AuthorQuintus Æmilianus Cimbriacus
Support materialParchment
Extentff. 16
Formatmm 190 × 134
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