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Geremia Simeoni, De conservanda sanitate and Regimen ad pestilentiam

  • 1456 and 1446; paper; mm 290 × 225; ff. 214.
  • San Daniele del Friuli, Biblioteca Civica Guarneriana, 43.

A miscellaneous codex of Guarnerio’s collection that includes some advices by the Friulian doctor Geremia Simeoni.

The codex also gathers the Advices of the Friulian doctor Geremia Simeoni copied by some copyists of Guarnerio’s milieu. De conservanda sanitate (ff. 71r-90v) is conceived according a traditional scheme that starts from the patient’s physical complexion exam, according the theory of humours worked out by Hippocrates and Galen: the four elements or ‘roots’ (water, air, earth, fire), which are the base of all the things existing in nature, correspond with the following four different man’s complexions or temperaments: flegmatic (it is the case of Zaccaria Trevisan, the General Governor (‘luogotente’) of Patria del Friuli the work is dedicated to), melancholic, choleric and sanguine. On the other side, as a remedy against the epidemic plague Friuli had been suffering for years, Geremia drew out his Regimen ad pestilentiam (ff. 137r-146v). Proposed remedies could apparently be considered risible nowadays, but in some cases they had a surely positive effect, as the advice the doctor of Raspano chose for himself in that occasion, «Cito, longe et tarde»: that is to say the infected zone was to be ‘quickly’ left to go then to a sufficiently ‘far’ place so as to come back to his own village as ‘late’ as possible. The text transmission of Geremia’s works is solely owed to the two Guarneriana codices: ms. 43 which is here presented and ms. 44 that in its fourteenth section conveys a Consilium ad ducem Albertum Geremia finished to write in Udine, on 30th October 1444.

Country of locationItaly
LocationSan Daniele del Friuli
Library / CollectionBiblioteca Civica Guarneriana
AuthorGeremia Simeoni
Support materialPaper
Extentff. 214
Formatmm 290 × 225
Age1456 and 1446
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