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Antonio Baldana, De magno schismate

  • 1419 ca.; parchment and paper; mm 320 × 215; ff. 35.
  • Parma, Biblioteca Palatina, cod. 1194.

In the period of the great Western schism princes of the Church are the heroes of the work by Antonio Baldana of Udine who depicts his wall-surrounded town in this codex.

The codex is the only so-far-known exemplar of De magno schismate by Antonio Baldana, «Utinensis legum studens». The work, dedicated to Martin V, narrates the main events of the Western schism, the facts that lead to Oddone Colonna’s election and the first years of his pontificate until June 1419. Thirty effective pen-drawn and water-coloured sketches and astrological drawings illustrate a text that exhibits an extravagant variety of forms of expression: Vernacular prose and poetry, as well as Latin prose and elegiac and heroic verses. In the drawing on f. 6r Alexander V, elected by the council of Pisa in 1409, is portrayed in the middle, while on both sides are resigned popes: Benedict XIII and Gregory XII. This latter is on the right side while escaping from Cividale del Friuli disguised as a monk, followed by a waiter wearing papal dresses. In the drawing on f. 7v there is the image of a town which shows the surrounding walls, the gate, a church, the palace of the commune and a bell tower. The coat of arms on the town wall gate is significantly the blazon of Udine and the buildings within the walls can be identified with the castle, St. John’s church and the bell tower of the Friulian chief town.

Country of locationItaly
Library / CollectionBiblioteca Palatina
AuthorAntonio Baldana
Support materialParchment and paper
Extentff. 35
Formatmm 320 × 215
Age1419 ca.
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