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Introduction of Authors, Partners and Financial Supporters

Scientific Management

Cesare Scalon

Scientific Technical Committee

Stefano Allegrezza, University of Udine
Giuseppe Bergamini, Chairman of the National History Deputation for Friuli
Luca Caburlotto, Director of the Museum Centre of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Nicola Raffaele Di Matteo, Information software engineer, responsible for the present site
Angelo Floramo, Teacher
Claudia Franceschino, Curator, National Archaeological Museum of Cividale
Elisa Nervi, Director of the Guarneriana Public Library, City of San Daniele del Friuli
Laura Pani, University of Udine
Sandro Piussi, Director of the Diocesan Archives and Patriarchal Library of Udine
Anna Piuzzi, Secretary to the Committee
Cesare Scalon, Chairman of the Pio Paschini Institute for the History of the Church in Friuli
Egidio Screm, Publishing coordination
Francesca Tamburlini, V. Joppi Public Library of the City of Udine, Manuscripts and Rare Books Department
Luisa Villotta, Director of the State Archives of Udine
Gabriele Zanello, Secretary to the Pio Paschini Institute for the History of the Church in Friuli


Istituto Pio Paschini per la storia della Chiesa in Friuli (‘Pio Paschini’ Institute for the History of the Church in Friuli)

  • Archdiocese of Udine

  • former Friuli Venezia Giulia Main Office (Soprintendenza) for Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Goods (nowadays being part of the FVG Main Office for Fine Arts and Landscape)

  • ‘Polo museale del Friuli Venezia Giulia’ (Museum Centre of Friuli Venezia Giulia)

  • University of the Studies of Udine

  • ‘Deputazione di Storia Patria per il Friuli’ (National History Deputation for Friuli)

  • Metropolitan Chapter of Udine

  • City of San Daniele del Friuli, ‘Guarneriana’ Public Library

  • State Archives of Udine

  • City of Udine, ‘V. Joppi’ Public Library

This project is carried out thanks to the support of: