The ‘Foroiuliense’ Evangeliarium

Back and front cover boards of the Evangelary

Back and front cover boards of the Evangelary of St. Mark with applied gilded silver foils: within the frame, the Patriarchs’ eagle and Pagano della Torre’s coat of arms.

ff. 98v, 99r of the codex 138

Between these two folia the gatherings of the Gospel of Mark were originally kept, which were afterwards extrapolated. The right column on f. 98v is covered by liturgical notes and some of the 1500 personal names written between the ninth and the tenth century.

The ‘Foroiuliense’ Evangeliarium

  • S. VI in.; parchment; mm 300 × 255; ff. III, 270, III'.
  • Cividale del Friuli, National Archaeological Museum, Archives and Library, codex CXXXVIII

An extraordinary book for its antiquity and its history that can be full-rightly considered somewhat an emblem of patriarchal Friuli.

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