Scholastic Texts

Codex cum glossa ordinaria

  • S. XIV1; parchment; 205 × 150 mm; ff. 2
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 129

A Justinian’s Codex fragment of Bologna provenance.

Bartolus de Saxoferrato, Commentaria in Codicem

  • S. XIV; parchment; mm 425 × 275; f. 1
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 97

Bartolus is one of the major commentators of Justinian’s Corpus iuris: this fragment belongs to his Commentary to the Codex.

Rolandinus Passaggerii, Summa artis notariae.

  • S. XIV in., parchment; mm 320 × 225, ff. 17
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 17

This text, which was really widespread until the heart of the Modern Age, is the work by Rolandinus, the master notary at the Studium of Bologna.

Rolandinus Passaggerii, Summa artis notariae.

  • S. XIII-XIV, parchment; mm 380 × 240; ff. 20
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 131

The large number of fragments of Rolandinus’ work kept at the State Archives of Udine confirm the widespread circulation of this text in Friuli.

Decretum Gratiani.

  • S. XIII (ante 1235) (Bologna); mm 415 × 260; ff. III, 322, I’
  • Cividale del Friuli, National Archaeological Museum, Archives and Library, ms. V

One of the Canonical Law fundamentals purchased in Bologna by Marsilius, a canon of the Chapter of Cividale.

Questiones on Aristotle’s works.

  • S. XIII ex. (Paris); parchment; mm 335 × 250; ff. 103
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 231

A scholastic textbook with commentaries on Aristotle’s works of Paris provenance which was used by the students of the Patriarchate.

Peter Lombard, Sententiae (Guarner. 42)

  • S. XII2; parchment; mm 290 × 195; ff. 256
  • San Daniele del Friuli, ‘Biblioteca Civica Guarneriana’, 42

Peter Lombard’s work became the official textbook of scholastic theology teaching. This codex, written upon cardinal Ardizzone da Rivoltella’s patronage, later belonged to Antonio Pancera, patriarch of Aquileia.

Marsilius of Inghen, Questiones super librum «De generatione et corruptione» secundum ultimam lecturam

  • S. XIV ex.; parchment; mm 290 × 210; ff. 53
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 232

One of Marsilius of Inghen’s commentaries to Aristotle probably used by a Dominican student.

Medical manuscript

  • S. XIV (beginning); parchment; mm 525 x 365; ff. I, 234, I’
  • Udine, State Archives, Fragment 14

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