Rolandinus Passaggerii, Summa artis notariae.

  • S. XIII-XIV, parchment; mm 380 × 240; ff. 20
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 131

The large number of fragments of Rolandinus’ work kept at the State Archives of Udine confirm the widespread circulation of this text in Friuli.

It is here presented another, rather wide, fragment of Rolandinus’ Summa artis notariae, which beyond being a studying text for the notariate course soon became one of the most consulted text by professional notaries. The huge diffusion of this text in the Friulian area is widely witnessed both by the large number of codex fragments kept at the State Archives of Udine, and by its presence as an owned item in the book inventories of notaries. Some bifolia of this copy of the Summa artis notarie, dismembered in several times since 1480, were used by Pietro di Giovanni Vari and his son Antonio, both notaries, as cover board for their registers and breviaturae.

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