Rolandinus Passaggerii, Summa artis notariae.

  • S. XIV in., parchment; mm 320 × 225, ff. 17
  • Udine, State Archives, fragment 17

This text, which was really widespread until the heart of the Modern Age, is the work by Rolandinus, the master notary at the Studium of Bologna.

Master notary at the Studium of Bologna, Rolandinus’ name is bound to his Summa artis notariae drawn out in 1255, which firstly had a very wide diffusion as a handwritten text and was then object of many printed issues. This work, which gives juridical acts a technical formulation, is split into four sections dealing, in the following order, with contracts, testaments, judicial acts, copies and renewals of acts. Some bifolia of this codex, datable to the beginning of the fourteenth century and used by generations of professional notaries active during that same and the following fifteenth century, were finally exploited during the sixteenth century by the notary Antonio Nicoletti from Cividale as a cover board of his notarial instruments.


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