Ottonian Books

Evangelistary of Fulda

  • Mainz, First third of the tenth century?; Fulda, 970-980 circa; ff. 151; parchment; mm 253 × 145.
  • Udine, ‘Archivio Capitolare’, 2

The pages of this codex, manufactured in Mainz and completed in Fulda, record the suffragan bishops’ oath of loyalty to patriarch Poppone.

Sacramentary of Fulda

  • Fulda, beginning of the eleventh century; ff. 116 + I; parchment; mm 240 × 210
  • Udine, ‘Archivio Capitolare’, 1

Written and miniated in Fulda for the Bremen-Hamburg diocese, the codex arrived in Friuli during Poppone’s patriarchy.

Egbert’s Psalter (Codex Gertrudianus)

  • Reichenau, 977-993 (980 circa), Kievan Rus’ 1078-1086; ff. II, 231, II’; parchment; mm 238 × 188.
  • Cividale del Friuli, National Archaeological Museum. Archives and Library, codex CXXXVI

Produced at Reichenau and subsequently enriched in the Kievan Rus’, the codex came to Friuli thanks to the patriarch Berthold of Andechs.


  • Reichenau, after 1018 (1020 circa); ff. 270; parchment; mm 240 -
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, Canon. Lit. 319

The pages of this codex, another manufacture of the Reichenau monastery, recollect the names of six patriarchs from John IV (†1019) to Sigeard (†1077).

Sacramentary of St. Petersburg

  • Regensburg, second third of the eleventh century (1046- 1048?), parchment; ff. 109; mm 175 × 122.
  • Already kept in St. Petersburg, Rossijskaia Nacionalnaja Biblioteka, ms Q. v. I Nr. 25, it was destroyed at Warsaw during the Second World conflict.

Written in Regensburg for the Aquileian Church, and destroyed during the Second World conflict, the codex is known only thanks to a catalogue record.

Sacramentary and Antiphonal

  • Salzburg, second quarter of the eleventh century; parchment; ff. 229; mm. 240 × 180
  • Venice, ‘Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana’, lat. III, 124 (2235)

The Benedictine Nuns of St. Mary of Aquileia soon came by this book manufactured in Salzburg in the eleventh century.


  • Tegernsee, second half of the eleventh century; parchment; ff. II, 132, I; mm 290 × 210
  • Venice, ‘Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana’, lat. Z. 509 (1535)

Written and decorated at Tegernsee in the eleventh century, the book subsequently came to the use of a church of the Patriarchate.

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