Hebrew Bible

  • S. XIII; parchment; mm 480 × 360; ff. II.381.II’
  • Udine, ‘Biblioteca Arcivescovile’, 248 (ebraico 14)

A Hebrew codex of Grimani’s collection purchased by the patriarch Dionigi Dolfin for the Patriarchal Library of Udine.

The text contains the Pentateuch, the Meghillot (that is the ‘scrolls’ of Ruth, Song of Songs, Qoèlet, Lamentations and Esther), Major and Minor Prophets, with apparatus criticus and vocalization (‘masorah’). The witness of the volume belonging to cardinal Domenico Grimani (1461-1523) is the unequivocal owner’s notice on the upper edge of f. 1r. Since Grimani was an illustrious humanist, he had a special interest in the Hebrew culture, an interest he shared with Egidio of Viterbo, his co-disciple at the University of Padua, and with his friend Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. Unfortunately, only 23 of the 191 Hebrew codices in Grimani’s handwritten inventory (including two printed volumes) have been so far found and identified. This codex, listed in the inventories as large-format and fully vocalized «Biblia Hebraica antiquissima et elegantissima», was examined by the renowned Benedictine monk Giovanni Mabillon (1632-1707) during his Venetian stay in 1685, and later by Bernard de Montfaucon (1655-1741) when the codex was in Antonio Capello’s museum, also in Venice, in 1698. This codex was also purchased by the patriarch Dionigi Dolfin for the Patriarchal library of Udine from the heirs of Antonio Capello’s Venetian ‘museum’

ff. 89v-90r of the Hebrew Bible

ff. 89v-90r of the Hebrew Bible

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