Gustav Friedrich Haenel, jurist

He was born at Leipzig in 1792 and was for long time a professor at the university of that city, where he devoted himself to the research and study of juridical manuscripts of the main European libraries, giving therefore his contribution to the history of pre-Justinian Roman law sources and to the knowledge of the Italian medieval doctrine. He wrote: Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum qui in bibliothecis Galliaeasservantur (1829); Dissensiones dominorum … (1834); Antiqua summaria Codicis Theodosiani (1834); Not certainly attributable to him are: auctoris ordo iudiciorum (1834); Codicis Gregoriani et Cod. Hermogeniani fragmenta (1837); Codex Theodosianus (1837-42); Novellae Constitutiones (1844); Lex Romana Visigothorum (1849); and, lately, he published the Corpus legum ab imperatoribus ante Iustinianum latarum (1857-60), the first attempt to reconstruct the legislative works of Roman emperors. He died in 1878.

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