Gentile Belloli, grammar and rhetoric professor

Gentile of Francesco Belloli from Ravenna was «artis grammatice professor» at Cividale del Friuli from 1397 to the day of his death (22 October 1403). Gentile’s career, which had its epilogue at Cividale, had other stages: he taught at Venice from 1387 to 1390 and then at Treviso, perhaps as a private teacher, from 1394 to 1397. His teaching at Cividale has to be recollected for another notice: in August 1399 «in scola reverendissimi artis gramatice doctoris et rhetorice eximii professoris magistri Gentilis de Ravenna» (as it is written in the subscription of the codex Canonicianus Lat. Class. 88 of the Bodleian Library, a codex rich in marginal notes) Seneca’s Tragedies were copied, a glimmer of the quality of Gentile’s teaching and the horizon of his interests, which nevertheless included vernacular culture, as well.

For further information see the entry Belloli Gentile, professor gramatice et rhetorice written by Rienzo Pellegrini, in Nuovo Liruti, Dizionario biografico dei Friulani, 1, Il Medioevo, edited by C. Scalon, Udine, Forum, 2006, 153-156

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