Books of the Princes

Election of Boniface IX in De magno schismate by Antonio Baldana (Parma, ‘Biblioteca palatina’, cod. 1194, f. 4v)

Antonio Baldana, De magno schismate.

  • 1419 circa; parchment and paper; mm 320 × 215; ff. 35
  • Parma, ‘Biblioteca Palatina’, cod. 1194

In the period of the great Western schism princes of the Church are the heroes of the work by Antonio Baldana of Udine who depicts his wall-surrounded town in this codex.

ff. 89v-90r of the Hebrew Bible

Hebrew Bible

  • S. XIII; parchment; mm 480 × 360; ff. II.381.II’
  • Udine, ‘Biblioteca Arcivescovile’, 248 (ebraico 14)

A Hebrew codex of Grimani’s collection purchased by the patriarch Dionigi Dolfin for the Patriarchal Library of Udine.

Ms 262, ff. 47v e 48r

John Chrysostom (Theodoros Daphnopates), Eclogues from various homilies

  • S. XI; parchment; mm 290 × 225; ff. II, 232, II
  • Udine, ‘Biblioteca Arcivescovile’, 262

The codex, which was part of the patriarch of Aquileia Domenico Grimani’s book collection and subsequently of the Venetian patrician Antonio Capello’s ‘museum’, was later purchased by the patriarch Dionigi Dolfin for the Patriarchal Library of Udine.

ff. 1v-2r, the patriarch Nicolò Donà’s coat of arms inscribed in a garland adorned with ribbons.

Quintius Æmilianus ‘Cimbriacus’, Carmina

  • A. 1494-1497; parchment; mm 190 × 134; ff. 16
  • New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Marston 161

Dedicatory copy of Cimbriacus’ Carmina to the patriarch of Aquileia Nicolò Donà.

f. 1r, two putti  bearing cardinal Barbo’s coat of arms

Pietro Barozzi, De ratione bene moriendi

  • A. 1471-1487; parchment; mm 230 × 160; ff. III + 99
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, Lyell 81
  • A work, dedicated to Marco Barbo, patriarch of Aquileia, whose central concept is that the earthly life duration should not be trusted and preparation to a good death should coincide with the moment one begins to give up hope of health recovery.

f. 152v initial E with white-vine stems

Augustine, De civitate Dei

  • S. XV med.; parchment; mm 368 × 276; ff. 292
  • Vatican City, ‘Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana’, Vat. lat. 436

The codex, made under the patronage of Ludovico Trevisan, patriarch of Aquileia and chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church, was assigned to the papal library upon his death.

f. 1r, in the lower border, Antonio Pancera’s coats of arms by both sides of Pietro Tomacelli’s, pope Boniface IX, in the middle.

Notabilia from Francesco Petrarca’s and Marcus Tullius Cicero’s Works

  • S. XV (ante 1431); parchment; mm 250 × 180; ff. I + 24
  • San Daniele, ‘Biblioteca Civica Guarneriana’, 138

A systematic collection of Petrarch’s and Cicero’s moral sayings drawn out for cardinal Antonio Pancera, patriarch of Aquileia.

f. 3r, foliage friezes, decorated initials have been removed.

Seneca, Tragoediae

  • S. XIV ex.; parchment; mm 355 × 245; ff. 239
  • San Daniele del Friuli, ‘Biblioteca Civica Guarneriana’, 75

A complex collection, coherent with the culture of its illustrious owner, Antonio Pancera, patriarch of Aquileia.

f. 1r, initial D and decoration on the left side, on the bottom edge Ludovico Trevisan’s coat of arms surmounted by the cardinal galero.

Plutarch, Sylloge of nineteen Vitae parallelae in Latin humanistic translations

  • S. XV med.; parchment; mm 335 × 237; ff. I, 335
  • Vatican City, ‘Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana’, Pal. lat. 918
  • The codex, written and illuminated for Ludovico Trevisan, patriarch of Aquileia and chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church, got into the ‘Biblioteca Vaticana’ in the seventeenth century from Heidelberg.

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